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Now that you have found the style that best suits your preference and needs, you can choose from three grades for the very same look with slight variances in specifications resulting in price points. ActiveYards® has a fence for every customer's budget. With our fencing series, you can now find the perfect fence for your yard and your wallet. ActiveYards® encourages you to "select" prior to arranging for installation. Your Sales Representative or the ActiveYards® Customer Service Team at 1-888-549-7350 can provide you with the pricing breakdown for the series of your style choice. Consider these options when selecting your fence.

$$$ HAVEN SERIES Haven Leaf

Our Haven Series, your Best option, is the popular choice of the discriminating consumer. These premium designs make a statement and is a true "home improvement". The Haven Series features all of our patented ingenuity technologies, decorative reinforced rails and all color options. These panels are as strong and sturdy as they come, but don't sacrifice anything when it comes to style. There is no compromising here; simply put, these are the best consumer fence systems available.

$$ HOME SERIES Haven Leaf

Our Home Series, your Better option, feature some ActiveYards patented ingenuity technologies. In this series you will find our most popular styles and colors for any fencing solution you are looking for. The Home Series gives you the best of both worlds by exchanging a little "flair" for affordability, without compromising strength and function.


Our Harbor Series, your Basic option has none of the ActiveYards® patented ingenuity technologies, which means they share the same specifications as our competition's best products. These value product choices are still a considerable step up from settling for fence options that rot or rust.

ActiveYards Fence Ingenuities

Fencing from ActiveYards® Fits Every Fence Need

SolarGuard Color Protection icon Color that Lasts

You work hard for vibrant landscaping, and your fence shouldn't pale in comparison. Our advanced SolarGuard™ technology protects it from the sun's harmful rays so the color you choose today will keep a bright, like-new finish for seasons to come.

SolarGuard Color Protection icon Privacy & Strength

Your private outdoor sanctuary should be just that: private. Our unique, patented design goes together easily, locking tightly into place without any gaps. And it gives you more than seclusion, too. GlideLock™ fencing holds up to wind better than traditional fences.

SolarGuard Color Protection icon Corigin

ActiveYards® has a whole new way for you to think about aluminum fencing. With a patent-pending construction system called Corigin™, we connect the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying the core and building a fence that outperforms all other standard fencing.

SolarGuard Color Protection icon Natural Beauty

Enjoy nature uninterrupted. Cambium gives your ActiveYards fencing a natural wood appearance. As you take in the view of your backyard, this beautiful boundary blends right in. Cambium™ also has a UV blocker with reflective pigments that minimize heat build-up and keep the wood appearance rich for years.

Download the infographic on how to buy the perfect fence.