EZFence2Go DIY Fence Solutions from ActiveYards®

"Really... you can do it... we will help!"

Buying your fence system first, and arranging for your own installation saves BIG.

The EZFence2Go system from ActiveYards® takes DIY fencing to the next level thanks to ease of installation, total customization and next generation technology. Packaged in kits, it represents a high quality but cost effective solution for those customers with a do-it-yourself mindset.

With a fast and effective installation method that takes customers from selection to preparation and then assembly in 3 easy steps, EZFence2Go is the best way to enhance your property with an ActiveYards® fence system. We offer flexible delivery and assembly options, allowing customers to pick up orders and manage the installation themselves. Whether it be a DIY project or you hire a local contractor, you will know you start with a complete system that best suits you.

It's As Easy As
1 Select

If seclusion is what you're after, choose from a variety of ActiveYards® styles to transform your yard into a personal sanctuary. Our privacy fences go together easily, locking tightly into place without any gaps.


With ActiveYards® products you can keep what's important in and what's unwanted out. Several of our fences provide a beautiful and durable, yet cost-effective solution for your home and yard.


ActiveYards® wide selection of styles and colors increase curb appeal and add years of value to your home. With ActiveYards® wide selection of colors and styles to choose from, you can create a look that is distinctly yours.


Pools are for relaxation, not worry. ActiveYards® fencing systems meet the most stringent pool safety codes. We want to keep you and your family safe and still stylish. Pool safety is a must, and safety can be synonymous with style.


Our Haven Series, your Best option, is the popular choice of the discriminating consumer. These premium designs make a statement and is a true "home improvement". The Haven Series features all of our patented ingenuity technologies, decorative reinforced rails and all color options. These panels are as strong and sturdy as they come, but don't sacrifice anything when it comes to style. There is no compromising here; simply put, these are the best consumer fence systems available.


Our Home Series, your Better option, feature some ActiveYards® patented ingenuity technologies. In this series you will find our most popular styles and colors for any fencing solution you are looking for. The Home Series gives you the best of both worlds by exchanging a little "flair" for affordability, without compromising strength and function.


Our Harbor Series, your Basic option has none of the ActiveYards® patented ingenuity technologies, which means they share the same specifications as our competition's best products. These value product choices are still a considerable step up from settling for fence options that rot or rust.


All or our fencing colors feature our uniqure SolarGuard™ technology to help preserve the color of your fence through the years and the elements.

2 Prepare

Measure the perimeter of your yard, but first:

  • Confirm your property line. In order to get accurate measurements, you need to know exactly where your property line is.
  • Locate underground utilities. Underground utility lines will affect where your fence posts can be placed.
  • Research local zoning codes and restrictions. Some cities and neighborhoods have restrictions on fencing.
  • Check for obstructions.
  • Check where frost line is.
  • Mark and measure your yard. Note: Where there are sections of yard less than 8 feet in length, panels can be cut down.
  • Place a stake in each corner of your yard and every 8 feet, as that is where posts will go.
  • Add up all your measurements and divide by 6 or 8, depending on the fence series/fence width you chose.
  • Think about where you would place your gates if you are going to have any.


  • Count the number of corners and ends of your yard and that is the number of corner and end posts you will need. (If your fence stops at your house, a tree or a gate that is an end post.)
  • Count the number of stakes you put in the ground every 6 or 8 feet and that is the number of line posts you will need. Note: modify your calculations if your fence panels will not be 8ft. sections
  • Count the number of gates and note the size.
  • Count the number of sections (are sections 6 or 8 feet wide?)
  • Don't forget post tops and gate latches/hardware.
3 Install
  • Torpedo Level
  • Circular Saw
  • Ready Mix Concrete (1½ Bags per Post)
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Digging/Tamping Bar
  • Stakes and String
  • Tape Measure
    Certain styles require additional tools (please consult with a dealer or call the ActiveYards® Support Center at 888.549.7350)


Be sure to take a complete inventory of all parts using the kit contents. Do not attempt to assemble the fence if parts are missing or damaged.

How To Install

  • Mark the fence location using string and line stakes.
  • Starting with a corner or an end post; dig holes 6" to 12" in diamter and 24" to 36" deep (depending on style). Use the Center-to-Center measurements of the fence style being installed for post distance. Dig next hole. (Suggestion: do not dig more than 1 hole ahead until you are confident in your spacing)
  • Set post to plumb level, tamp and secure, then insert or assemble section. Repeat. (If you need to shorten a section; cut rails at desired length. You may need to modify rails to insert into the post.)
  • Upon completion of a "line", step back and observe. You may want to lower posts (block of wood on top and slam) or raise posts to match the "grade" (pry, and re-tamp).
  • Follow up specific instructions for gates.
  • Clean, wipe down, spread some grass seed and enjoy!